WhisperPower is a Netherlands-based company that was founded in 2007 and specializes in various energy fields, including home systems, automotive, construction, and marine sectors. While the automotive industry has been promoting the idea of not harming the climate for a long time, it has only recently been extended to the marine industry. Now, it’s time to create technology that will help improve the ecological footprint of pleasure boats. In this regard, WhisperPower has taken an innovative step with the launch of the new OctoPower systems, which aim to increase comfort, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower operating costs.

Sailing boat owners value their freedom, especially when it comes to energy. WhisperPower offers off-the-shelf solutions with 24V and 48V options that are suitable for all boat models. These solutions can produce self-sufficient energy even during intensive use of water makers and air conditioning systems. WhisperPower provides a wide range of clean and effective energy systems ranging from 3KW to 32KW for motor yachts, sailboats, day cruisers, and other small structures.


Let’s examine the internal structure and capabilities of the generator;

Our top recommendation for cruise boats’ generators is the WhisperPower Piccolo. These diesel generators are compact, yet produce stable electricity with very low noise levels. Their single-piston engine can operate between 2400 and 3600 RPM per minute, and the engine speed can be adjusted automatically or manually according to demand.

WhisperPower recently introduced the M-SQ Pro 18, a product that can consistently produce 17.5kVA at a motor speed of 1500 RPM. The Piccolo 5 is the tiniest, quietest, yet most powerful model of its kind. It operates quietly and without vibrations, which is a significant feature. With a noise level of less than 55 dBA, it is the quietest generator available on the market. The Piccolo 5 boasts a compact design, plug-and-play model, low weight, zero carbon emissions, DC & AC inverter outputs, special charging unit, fuel savings, and ease of maintenance.

When it comes to maintaining our equipment, we must not overlook the importance of having access to spare parts. This is a common issue that causes a lot of inconvenience. Fortunately, we have maintenance kits readily available for WhisperPower generators. It is worth noting that for optimal preparation, it is recommended to always order kit A with the generator. If you are planning a long trip, it is advisable to purchase a kit B as well. This way, you can ensure that you have all the necessary equipment to keep your generator running smoothly throughout your journey.


It is possible to connect either outboard or inboard motors (lithium-ION) or WhisperSolar panels (MPPT tracker included) to power consumption and charge the battery.

What Is It Suitable For?

Suitable for small sailing and motor yachts, day cruisers, center console boats with outboard, recreational vehicles, holiday homes, etc.

Range of Use

Operates small air conditioning and other comfort systems for extended periods, powering items such as 6,000-16,000 BTU air conditioners, electric stoves, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, kettles, and electronic devices including mobile phone/laptop chargers.

Maximum Capacity

When it comes to generator systems on boats, maximum capacity is a crucial feature. For instance, generators with low maximum capacity may trigger the circuit breaker when first started up under high kVA, resulting in system shutdown. As a result, higher capacity generators are required to avoid such issues. However, high-capacity generators are usually too large to be installed on boats. The Piccolo 5 model, which can reach 200% maximum capacity, provides us with confidence and cost savings.