Marlin Yachting deneyimlerini bizimle paylaşan tüm müşterilerimize teşekkür ederiz.



Excellent upgrade of both engines of our catamaran and repair of the rudder bearings.


I am delighted to share my extremely positive experience with “Marlin Yachting.” The removal of the old engines and installation of the new engines, along with all the technical adjustments, carried out there, not only showcased their professional competence but also reflected impressive organization and exceptional attention to detail.


Right from the beginning, I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the entire team at Marlin Yachting. The detailed consultation and planning prior to the upgrade highlighted their comprehensive understanding of the field. It was evident that they had thoroughly addressed my individual requirements and preferences.


Throughout the process of the upgrade and repairs, Marlin Yachting exceeded all of my expectations. The execution was characterized by precision and accuracy, indicative of a deep understanding of yacht construction nuances. Each step was carried out meticulously, with a constant focus on maintaining high-quality standards.


Of particular note is the remarkable organization demonstrated by Marlin Yachting. Despite the complexity of the project, everything proceeded smoothly. From sourcing the necessary components to coordinating the timing of work stages, every detail appeared to be meticulously thought out. As a result, the upgrade was completed efficiently and on schedule.


The meticulous care that Marlin Yachting put into their work was truly remarkable. It was evident that they approached their tasks with passion and a high level of commitment. Every action was executed with well-practiced precision, and the end result speaks for itself: the two new engines operate seamlessly, and our rudder system is once again fully functional. We extend our personal gratitude to AliCan, Ibrahim, Murat, Mehmet, Volkan, Furkan, Burak, and the entire team at Marlin Yachting.


Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Marlin Yachting. Their expertise, organizational prowess, and attention to detail set industry standards. My confidence in their abilities has been more than rewarded, and I am thrilled with the results of their work. If you are in search of a shipyard service that deserves your trust and delivers excellence, then you are undoubtedly in the best hands with Marlin Yachting.
That is our firm belief.





Hi Burak,


We were very impressed with the outstanding service given to us by Marlin Yachting Services. Burak, Ozzy, and their technicians went above and beyond to fix an issue with our bow thruster. They have a large team of technicians who worked hard and late into the night as they knew we were on a tight timeframe. Burak and Ozzy speak very good English and are excellent communicators throughout the job. We thoroughly recommend them!




Keith and Jo Hill

All Together


Sayın Yetkili,


Uzun yolda bir arıza çıkarmasından korktuğumuz elektronik Dock&Go şanzımanımızı uzun süredir mekanik bir şanzıman ile değiştirmeyi düşünüyorduk.  Sonunda, 2022 Haziran’ında belki de basit bir bağlantı sorunu yüzünden yanıp kısa sonra sönen arıza ışığı kararımızı öne almamıza neden oldu.


Hızlıca Marmaris’e dönerek Marlin firmasıyla irtibata geçtik. Netsel marinada karaya aldığımız teknemizin Dock&Go şanzımanı ve tüm elektronik bileşenleri sökülerek, 4 gün gibi rekor bir sürede yerine Yanmar SD60 şanzıman ve manuel gaz kolu takıldı. Gereken kontroller yapıldıktan sonra yeniden yola çıktık. Şu an her şey sorunsuz şekilde çalışmakta.


Bu kararı alma ve gerçekleştirme aşamasında:


    1. Tüm bu işlemleri hızlı ve mükemmel şekilde gerçekleştiren, deposunda bulundurduğu önemli yedek parça stoku sayesinde yazın vakit kaybımızı asgariye indiren, ve aracı olarak Netsel’de karaya alma fiyatımızda ciddi bir indirim almamıza sebep olan Marlin firmasına,
    2. Daha günler evvelinden işlem sırasını detaylı açıklayarak bilgilendiren, işlem esnasında da devamlı ilgisini eksik etmeyen ve bizzat gelip işlemleri kontrol eden, her ihtiyacımızı gideren sayın Mehmet Kara beyefendiye,


    1. Karaya aldığımız andan deneme seyrine kadar, tüm işlemler esnasında bizzat çalışan ve her bir etabın temiz ve mükemmel şekilde gerçekleşmesini sağlayan Mehmet Güven ustaya ve emeği geçen tüm diğer Marlin çalışanlarına teşekkürü bir borç biliriz.

    Sayenizde daha güvenli seyirler yapabiliyoruz….

    Julie & Tunç Aytunç


    S/Y TAJ




Slowed to walking pace with an old (20 years old )Yanmar 3GM that was loosing compression . Time had come to Bite The Bullet and seek advice. Should I have it re-sleeved and restored or buy a new generation Yanmar Marlin had done excellent work the year before on my yacht in Yat Marine so I tought the advice of Burak and his team . I was pleased to find him and his team , keen not just to sell me a new engine , but to test the old engine, explore options and solutions. The decision to purchase the new engine was taken , and engine gearbox deep seal propeller shaft and cutlass bearing were fitted at my request , the new instrument panel was fitted on to the grab rail above the compass.A really “Gucci”inox ( stainless steel chromed) box was fabricated to protect it and cables ducted down through the compass support. Engine startup and control testing was thorough and exhaustive, before leaving the lift pool. Sea trails were undertaken ,with the engineers on board . Warranty pre-checks list completed as the trails progressed. Customer satisfaction indeed




I am taking the opportunity now that our cruise from St Malo to Hammamet via Turkey is finished to take some time to offer you my best thanks for the job done in Marmaris. When arriving in Marmaris on Sunday the 8th of September 2013, I was recommended to join Eric if I have any trouble from Marick X yacht on pontoon L. And that was the point when beginning of September I entered the Marmaris marina. On Monday, Eric introduces me to your company and the day later, the job for replacing the 4 Silent Blocks was beginning. When dismounting the engine, other troubles were found by your team and especially I had a leakage of oil on the 3rd cylinder that could have probably led to a future problem in the next 2 years. According to the reputation of your company, I agreed to do a complete revision of the engine as the silent blocks replacement. The job, including complete dismounting and checking of the engine in your workshop, was achieved the 18 th of September in a very professional way and in a short lead time in accordance with my program. Please be kind also to forward my congratulations to Mehmet, Ismael and the complete technical team and of course without forgetting yourself for being our commercial contact in the company. Yann GALLAIS


Sayın Mehmet Kara Merhaba,


Bonita adlı teknemin karaya çıkmadan önce ; motorların ve jeneratörün bakımları için teklif isteme süreci başta olmak üzere  her yönüyle yaklaşımınız, hızlı geri dönüşünüz, Marlin servis elemanlarının pandemi sürecinde maksimum güvenlik önlemleri ile çalışmaları ve verdiğiniz hizmet için çok teşekkür ediyorum. Yetkili servisle çalışma memnuniyetimi yazmak istedim; tercihimin doğru olduğunu devir  daim pompasının içini açınca açıkça görüldü. Sadece impeller değişimi yapılarak bakım bitirilmiş olsaydı hasarımız çok büyük olabilirdi. Marlin servise her zaman her yerden ulaşabilir olmak ve servis alabiliyor olmak ayrı bir güven vermekte.


Nezdinizde size ve Marlin çalışanlarına bir kez daha teşekkür ediyorum.




Wanted to thank you for your response to our winch issue. Particularly the quick turn around that allowed us to bring the winch back with us on our return trip to Finike

It’s great to deal with such a professional company with very knowledgeable staff.

Thanks again,

John and Mary Driver


In March 2015 we purchased a Broadblue 435 catamaran that had been laid up on the hard for the past two years. While I was looking for boats I was told by three different people that I should use Marlin for any mechanical work I needed doing.

So when I purchased the boat I engaged Marlin to service all the pumps, seacocks, water system, engines and sail drives.

During the course of the servicing on the engines it was discovered that the exhaust manifold was severely corroded, anyone else would have suggested I purchased a new one which was very expensive. What the guys at Marlin did was to send it off to one of their contractors who rebuilt the corroded parts of the manifold and made it “as new”. This set the scene for pretty much the remainder of the work. Marlin would always try and come up with the least expensive way to fix any problem while still maintaining an extremely high quality of work.

I have always judged a company by their after sales service. With Marlin this was outstanding. I purchased a new water maker from them. The membrane housing had a slight fault that made it leak while under pressure. When I called Marlin to come and told them they said we will be there and fix it today. So after work Burak, Ozlenen and the water maker technician drove three hours to where we were anchored fixed the problem and drove back, they would not have gotten back to Marmaris until after midnight, and they were not put out at all but were apologetic that it had happened. On my return to Marmaris they upgraded my water maker from the 125L/hr one to a 150L/hr one because they new the larger one would not have any problems and the smaller one was a newer design and as we were leaving Turkey did not want us to have any future issues.

At the end of the day Marlin performed the following work for me:
Serviced all mechanical pumps.
Serviced the engines and sail drives.
Repaired the exhaust manifolds.
Install a new hot water system.
Improved the operation and installation of the windlass.
Replaced the stainless steel rope protectors.
Serviced the fridge, freezer and air conditioner.
Install a water maker.Designed and install a solar panel system.
Repaire the pipe work on the fresh water tank.
Installed a washing machine.
Designed and help instal a new holding tank.
Serviced the Generator.

Burak was also very helpful with translating for other contractors I was using who could not speak English as well. Even now I am in Greece any issues I have my first point of call for advice is with Burak and his team at Marlin.
In particular I would like to thank Burak Ozelen and Muhammet who was the technician who spend a lot of time on our boat. All the people at Marlin where at all times highly professional friendly and extremely good to work with.
I have no hesitation in recommending Marlin to anyone who is in need of help and can understand while people sail from Greece and further away to get to Marmaris to have Marlin work on their boat.

Toby Casley
All Together


Dear Erden,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a professional job you and your fellow workers did on our Series 6 Yanmar.
In a 54 ft Power Cat (Built in Turkey), there are a lot of systems that need attention and our requests are not always met with the same skills and attitude shown by you.

The way you went about solving our problem oil leak was most impressive, especially after the way it had been dismissed in Tuzla as being the result of an oil change.

I would like you to forward this email to the Yanmar Offices that you have responsibility with. Too often the only emails they receive about Agents are negative ones.

We will be returning to Marmaris this winter and will sing your praises during the season.

Thanks once again for the professional work.
Can I also add that the phonecall yesterday as we left Turkey, checking on how all was going was a lovely touch and just another example of how well you do things.

Many thanks,

John Cushen
MY Phoenix


So – having been let out to go boat shopping in the Dominican Republic, I returned having bought a rather tired and unloved example of a Nautitech 40.2 catamaran, with the idea that I was going to spend the next couple of years or so gradually refurbishing her and upgrading her ready for the start of our world circumnavigation adventure!


Even at 62 years old it still staggers me from time to time how naive I am and how easily my judgement is clouded in the pursuit of a dream!


I was brought well and truly down to earth when my partner finally viewed my pride and joy after I had got the boat delivered all the way across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to her new resting place of Kusadasi in Turkey.
The enormity of what I had let myself in for dawned when I realized that I could not work out how I was going to find enough time in Turkey to carry on the work as our lives were still due to be lived in the UK for at least the next 2-3 years!


So after the reality dawned, I set about finding suitable companies to do the work which I had been planning to do myself.


I took to Facebook and consulted the sailing community which I was finding were becoming the unseen friends that I could rely on, since many of them have already been through similar experiences and some of them still rely upon finding suitable skilled tradesmen to carry out boat work for them.
I immediately discovered that the new home for my boat was not well situated to have a choice of the necessary tradesmen to choose from to have boat work done. Instead she should have been a 120 or so further miles further south in Marmaris.


So now at the beginning of a 2 week holiday, originally intended to introduce my family to our new floating home to be, instead I now needed to sort out people to get the work done and make sure that everything was going to be in place and ready to rock and roll by the end of the 2 weeks!


Initially, I started to look for the individual trades that I would need to carry out the work that was required, but it soon became apparent that the project that I had walked into was far bigger than I was going to be able to manage at a distance of over 2500 miles.


Fortunately the cavalry were just around the corner but I didn’t know it yet!
After various recommendations coming in from the sailing community, I soon came across Marlin Yachting Technical Services. I sent off an email with a simplistic description of the work that I would be looking to have done and kept my fingers crossed.


That day I kept my fingers crossed all day that I would get a swift reply and not only that but that it would be positive. All through that day I compiled an extensive spreadsheet listing all of the dreams that I had for the old girl that was waiting in the Marina just down at the bottom of the hill from the apartment that we were staying in, hoping that the reply from Marlin would be positive. Sure enough the following morning at 06.50 an email landed in my inbox confirming that they would be able to carry out all of the work that I had previously outlined using both their own engineers along with a team of subcontractors that they worked closely with on a regular basis. The more we got into conversation about the logistics and details the more I discovered that the team of subcontractors were all people that I had previously had good recommendations for from the Facebook sailing community. My list then followed. Again I waited with bated breath, hoping for a positive response and was again rewarded by the positive reply. Behind the scenes my contact had already started discussions with the marina manager at Yacht Marina Marmaris for space ashore, haul out and for some time in the water after work was completed for commissioning and shakedown!


Burak confirmed that he and a couple of his subcontractor colleagues would come to Kusadasi on Thursday to meet us and to carry out a detailed survey of the boat to confirm the work that was going to be required. Thursday arrived and and sure enough Burak arrived with 2 of his subcontractor team mates, Emre and Yunnus. The three of them then proceeded to carefully inspect the boat to see the extent of the work that they were taking on.
I have to confirm at this stage that I had pretty much decided that Marlin was going to get the work and could only dare to hope that the estimates that they were to come back with were somewhere in the ball park that I had in mind.
I immediately to a liking to the guys – Burak from Marlin is the friendliest and most accommodating gentleman that I have had the pleasure of doing business with and I soon discovered that he and I were on a very similar level in terms of expectations for the project and as an engineer I can tell you that it is not an easy thing to entrust your project to the hands of another. His office team of Furkan and Ozzy played a massive part in my project and worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the refit were minutely organised and completed. The level of customer service that I experienced was superb and I could not fault their attention to detail in any way.


Any way, the estimate arrived in and though it was a bit more thank I had hoped for it was certainly about what I expected it to be and so the show is now on! 2 days later having had some emergency work carried out locally, we set sail from Kusadasi to Marmaris expecting a fairly leisurely cruise with gentle winds predicted and following the emergency work, both engines in working order!


This was fairly short lived however as no more than 10miles out of Kusadasi, one engine promptly stopped – (seemingly a fuel problem which I was not able to overcome at that time). We soldiered on and the winds were kind to us until night fell and rounding around the Kos headland where all of a sudden the benign 12-15 knots turned into a threatening 25-30 knots making me panic about the possibility of our remaining engine giving up the ghost, our already ripped and repaired mainsail shredding and us being blown onto the lee shore that we were rounding.


In the end my fears were not realised and we survived the journey arriving in Marmaris the following day. We were greeted by an ever friendly Burak, who had all the arrangements perfectly organised and we duly tied up in our allotted temporary berth until the following morning when the crane was
ready to lift her out and move her to her new temporary home ashore for the next 3 months.


Marlins knowledge and expertise surrounding boats of all shapes and sizes is magnificent and through the life of the project I learned that he has done work for very many of the boats that are in all the Marinas in Marmaris and beyond and that all of his customers are happy and are proud to call him their friend – a remarkable feat in the world of boats and yachts. Over the course of the next 3 months, the work ensues my old girl is stripped to the bare bones
and all manner of work is done from completely re-spraying the interior of the boat, repairing rotten floors and panels and generally re-conditioning everything on the boat as well as installing all of the luxuries and mod cons that any blue-water sailor could dream off to create a perfect floating home to sail around the world in. With mostly daily communications with the team and a cloud-based library of photos and videos updated daily, I felt like I was almost there much of the time.


Here we are some 3 months later with a few moments of discovered nightmares overcome as if they were all in a days work (which of course they are for this experienced team) and I am left overwhelmed with the results that they have produced. I could never have dreamed that they would be able to turn the unloved ugly duckling into such a beautiful swan.


I can only say thank you to the whole team and I am glad that I took the leap off faith to have this major refit carried out by Burak and his team at Marlin with all of the help from Emre at TMS, Yunnus at AC/DC, Yasin at SCHWARZEWOLKE Yacht Upholstery, and … at the Inox shop not to mention Mustafa at Moss rigging and Burkan at Sharp Marine.


I would not hesitate to recommend Marlin or any of the subcontractors if you are contemplating having a refit done or indeed to have boost work done for you of any description.


Thank you so much.



Sayın İlgili,


Deniz ve tekne hayatında sorunlar bitmez  Ama bazıları vardır ki ancak yaşayan bilir ve en önemlisi böyle zamanlarda sizi yalnız bırakmayan destek hizmetlerdir.


Bu sabah çok keyifli bir seyir başlangıcında yakıt istasyonuna yanaşırken çok talihsiz bir şekilde vites telinin yerinden çıkmasıyla tekne üzerinde yol varken kontrolsüz kaldık. Konu tekneye ne olduğu değil, çok şükür hafif atlattık. Esas konu, acil durum telefonumdan dakikalar sonra (süre konusunda abartma yapmıyorum, itfaiye belki bu kadar çabuk müdahale edebilirdi) Marlin Ekibi yanımızdaydı.


Öncelikle telefonda en hızlı ve doğru yönlendirmeyi yapan Mehmet Kara Bey ve tekneye ulaşan adaşım Ali Usta, o şok altında maalesef şu anda ismini hatırlayamadığım (özür) diğer arkadaşımız son derece profesyonel yaklaşımları ile problemi tespit ederek giderdiler.


Sadece mesleki yeterlilik değil, insani yaklaşım, davranış ve samimiyetlerinden dolayı tüm Marmaris Marlin ekibine sonsuz teşekkür ediyorum.


İyi ki varsınız. 


Ali Dumanlı

All Together


This is just a brief note to thank you and your team for the support they have given me to keep Hookey up to standard.


One of the reasons I stay at Yacht Haven to cruise in Turkey is because I know I can rely on Marlin for support and advice.  Your friendly, prompt service is much appreciated.  Also, thank you for your advice and help to get a new OBM.


I look forward to using the bow thruster and OBM next year.


I will probably come back to Turkey on 26 April which gives me plenty of time to clean and antifoul before launching on the 1 May.  I will confirm nearer the time.


I got back to UK last night in heavy rain to drive home but had no problems with the Maxprop – once security had seen photographs and knew what it was.  The owner is pleased to have it in UK and thank you for your advice over it.


Have a good winter.


Best wishes, Martin


Dear Ebru,


This is as short small reference due to my appreciation for your services;
I have been using Marlin for my engine service (Yanmar 54’ since the purchase of the yacht 4 years ago. I have also an Onan Cummins generator which they also service.


Their professionalism, expertise and client support is absolutely marvellous. They deliver in full and on time every time. They also have specialist staff for more complex issues such as 360 docking system should you need assistance with issues. My yacht is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS 44 and I would not use anybody else.


I have found them just fantastic re the quality of their services and they take their time. The finish – service is always checked by their most senior staff member before invoicing.


If you have a problem with the Turkish language I recommend you visit the store and ask for `Ebru’ her English is superb and she is most helpful.


Thank you Marlin you are just fantastic and highly professional.


Yacht Hynzer


Hi Burak and Ozlenen,


After I left Marmaris I went to Rodos, Karpatos, Kasos, North Kriti, Kithira, Athens, then south again to Milos and now northbound to the golf of Volos.


About 600 miles, mostly under power. I also had the owner on board and, after him, a group of 6 people for one week.


It seems to me a good test!


Everything worked perfectly ( knock on wood): engine, generator, water-maker and Nayat / Mustafa chrome masterpiece is still there on the bow looking beautiful.


Thank you and all Marlin staff again for the excellent job you made.


Hope see you end of season



To Whom It May Concern;

On arrival Marmaris at the beginning of July 2007, I found myself in needs of assistance in order to start the summer charter season in Turkey.

I could not find special provisions for the preferences of the guests and I had several repair of systems which all was essentials for the charters.

I called Ms. Ebru Eke from Marline yacht supplier in Marmaris and asked for help. Ebru have told me that their services providing technical support but she will try to find the provision I have asked for.In a very short time with several feedback calls of her progress she managed to find it all.

From that start I realized that her office is blessed with good will and I continued asked for more assistance during the charters and up till this moment before leaving Turkey.

I visited her store office right for the begginnings and introduced to Erden Eke who was very dedicated and willing to solve our technical problems too.

We managed to be supplied properly and fixed the hydraulic system which needed special part, we replaced the jet ski Nozzle in hurry, built cradle for the jet ski on deck, fixed flooding light BBQ area, repaired of the dishwashing machine, Replaced special wire cables for the fwd jet ski’ s cranes, fabricated new cushion for the sun deck, repair the Iron, rebuilt and repaint the transom, managed to assembled our generator which brought apart on deck, run, examined and installed back in the engine room. It was one of the tasks which we could not accomplish in Italy for long time and we almost lost hope.

Manufactured syphon and exhaust elbow for the generator which was very hard to get from the US, repaired the remote control of Cramm crane hydraulic joystick.Managed to fabricate covers for yacht controls and others, complete equip the two tenders with all the technical and safety needs, replaced pc display screen, manufacture stainless steel exhaust outlet for generator on the funnel, cleaned the entire engine room bilges in details and pumped all the residuals dirt to shore facilities.

We completed the charter’ s curuies season successfully and we backed up with a very strong team which was willing to take at any time the smallest task with enthusiasm letting us do our job properly.

I am taking this opportunity to wish to all yacht’ s professionals who visit Turkey, special in area of Marmaris to get the assistance of Ms. Ebru Eke  in MARLIN YACHTING LTD. who did wonderful job, very professional, are honest people, getting things done on time and with a fair prices. I am surprise for the high quality standard of service that is matching the yachting industry in the leading countries.

I am wishing to you all the best; You deserve to be called professional yacht’s support for what you have been proved with your abilities, experience, quality and integrity.

We shall continue to consult you even out of your territory and we shall be happy to see you again next 2008 summer charter’ s seasons.

Capt. Giora Halbani


Dear Erden, when we arrived in Marmaris we met an American couple who told us Marlin was the best mechanic outfit in town. We certainly have been very pleased with the great service. Not only was all the overwinter work done when we returned to Marmaris, but it was done two months before launch! That has never happened to us before. I even recall getting a same day email response from you on a Sunday. Pretty amazing, considering that we have cruised in places where an email response from a mechanic might take a week or more. A story I will be telling for a while was when four of your mechanics stayed until midnight to install our new rudder bearings and rudders. They waited for the travel lift for three hours longer than planned, after what had already been a full day, and then worked form 22:00 to 00:00. By the end of it all they were still smiling. So, in sum, you not only have a competent, dedicated crew, but everyone you employ is also very friendly. You are running a good business and we wish you many great years ahead.

All the best, Claude Dussaud


I have been a customer of Marlin since the beginning of their business. The approach of the whole Marlin Team is so unique that you can not acknowledge it without meeting them or without seeing their work. Through inspections, explorations, diagnosis, treatments and the prescriptions that will be given by, just like a doctor; the team shares all their experiences with you. Thus you can receive all the answers for the questions in your mind and you will be able to make your decision knowing the problems you may encounter. I have known Marlin Team for ten years and they carry out the servicing and maintenance work of my boat.

Having Marlin Team in charge of all the work done on my boat inspires me with confidence and comfort on the sailings I have with my family.

Endless Thanks to my friends in Marlin Team for all their efforts.

S/Y SELENA 31.10.2008 Gizem-Doruk-Gamze-Semih TORT


Professional service done in an efficient manner and they kept to any promissed appointments.

Dick and Debby van Hasselt
Catamaran CALICO
Catana 581




Morangie, a Contest 38, was wintered in Marmaris at the end of the 2007 sailing season. With maintenance work in mind, I enquired about local suppliers. Marlin Yachting was the name most frequently mentioned for engine servicing, repairs and parts.

Originally launched in 1992, Morangie still has her original engine, a Volvo Penta 2003T. The oil and filters had been changed regularly and the engine was reliable, but nothing else had been overhauled in 16 years of operation. Having signed-up for the 1700 mile EMYR2008 rally I anticipated a lot of motoring during 2008 and invited Marlin to check the engine. They did so promptly and recommended an overhaul of all engine ancillaries.

A fixed price was agreed and a team of technicians came aboard on the agreed date, removed the components and returned two days later to reinstall them, change the oil and filters and adjust the tappets. As a result the engine was transformed, revving much more freely than ever previously.

Encouraged by the excellent service received I have commissioned further work since completing the rally.

Marlin is the best marine technical services company I have encountered anywhere in northern Europe, the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Manager Erden Eke has an awesome knowledge of marine diesels and his technicians are reliable, competent and courteous. And, unusually in my experience, if a customer request is beyond their expertise they will say so and recommend a specialist supplier.

I strongly recommend Marlin.

Bill Basham
s/v ‘Morangie’


Dear Erden,
I wish to congratulate you for the quality of your reception, of your listening and for the technical skill of all your team.

Since now 3 years you are charged each winter to control and maintenance the engine YANMAR (56HP).
You bring also the insurance of spare part from well-know mark. You have replace the windlass and installed one LOFRANS 1200W.
I thank you for your services wich ensure a pleasant navigation without technical concern.

I can fully recommend MARLIN,

Many thanks.



“…Teknedeki çoğu işi kendimiz yapıyoruz. Elimizin, bilgimizin ulaşamadığı yerlerde de tabii ki işi bu olan şirketlerin, profesyonellerin yardımını alıyoruz. Teknede işi yaptıranların gayet iyi bildikleri bir şey vardır. Eğer yaptırılacak işin kapsamı hakkında detaylı bir bilgiye sahip değilseniz, size çıkacak fiyat neredeyse işi yapanın insafına kalır. Üstelik çoğunlukla söz verilen zamanda gelinmez. Gelinemeyeceği haber dahi verilmez. Bazen iş yapılır ama kötü bir işçilik veya ucuz işgücü çalıştırmak adına kalifiye olmamış insanlarla yapılan işler bir süre sonra dökülür. Bu liste uzar gider aslında.

“Biz bu konuda şanslı olanlardanız. Yıllar önce çalışmaya başladığım ve hala da çalışmaya devam ettiğim Marlin diye bir firma var. Marmaris’teki iki marinada da ofisleri var. Ben böyle profesyonel çalışan firma az gördüm. Ucuz değiller. Yani piyasadan teklif aldığımda onların verdiği fiyatın %20 azına kadar da fiyat bulabildim. Ama böyle bir iş kalitesi, iş terbiyesi görmedim. En güzeli de onlara iş yaptırdığımda kazıklanmadığımı ve kaliteli bir servisi ederine veya ederinin altına almadığımdan emin olmam. Teşekkürler Marlin. Umarım dünyanın diğer yerlerinde de senin gibi şirketler çıkar karşıma…”


We put our boat on the hard at Marmaris Yacht Marine last winter. We had some really great experiences with some of the vendors that I wanted to pass onto the other cruisers.

Engine, generators, and mechanical services: Marlin Yacht Marine is fantastic. They do excellent work at fair prices. They have a store in Marmaris near Netsel Marina as well as a location on site at Yacht Marine. Burak is the manager at Marmaris Yacht Marine.

Scott Sullan

S/V Robin


İki uzun seyir gününden sonra dün Alaçatı marinaya bağlandım. Genellikle 20-25 knot esen kuzey rüzgarına karşı 1600-1750-1900 rpm seyrettim 7.0-7.8 knot arası seyir sürratim oldu. Seyir boyunca ford lehman 3,5 bar,Velvet 9.5 bar basıncı hiç değişmedi. Motor harareti 85 C ti.. Sunduğunuz güler yüzlü ve hızlı hizmet kaliteniz, onarımlarını yaptığınız teknemdeki işlerin %100 başarısı adına marlin yatçılığa teşekkür ederim.

Sevgiler, Beluga teknesi Mahmut Etkin


Dear Emre, After many years sailing in the Antilles we arrived in Turkey, 3 years ago, and left the boat at MARMARIS YATCH MARINA. We had many engine problems and one day we went to MARLIN shop and in 3 years you gave a new life to Barzoi’s heart. We want to congratulate you and your staff who are efficent and most of the time quickly on the boat for repair. This is a real and appreciable attitude, especially for us who prefer sailing than staying in a marina. Again thank you , Doctor Emre, Barzoi is so happy to know you.



We know the company from many years, first we purchased some parts and always found competitive prices and good choice. We then were happy with the technicians in Yacht Marin who did good work, were reliable at our satisfaction. Marlin is very busy in spring especially. We had good experience informing them in advance when exactly we were in the marina and with which problems. So Marlin technicians could plan the works and it really was great not to wait for days and days until a mechanical shows up. Wishing you all the best, Christine and Rudolf Sidler


Dear Erden, I would like to thank you and your staff for your prompt Kohler assistance. In less than 24 hrs you ve solved my Genset problem..That meant a great deal to me. Duran and his assistant have been extremely professional…as always. Take care Tony Del Mastro M/V Blue Therapy Technema 80


Dear Erden.

I want to thank you and your capable staff at Marlin for the professional way in which you re-built my Yanmar engine. The project was finished on time and within budget. The engine, after more than 8000 operating hours now runs like a new engine. Your follow up work after the engine was back in the boat was of particular assistance to the proper operation of the engine. I feel very comfortable recommending Marlin to fellow yachtsmen.

Many thanks.


Netsel Marina Marmaris Turkey


Erden and Marlin Yachting have provided me excellent service and advice, above and beyond the call of duty during the out fitting of my yacht for ocean crussing. I highly recommend their services anyone.

Morgan ( Meg ) AITKEN S/Y FLOWER


Nothing is eternal. That also applied to my Yanmar engine. After 16 years of reliable service, it was time for it to retire and to be replaced.The installation of a new engine turned out to be extremely successful thanks to MARLIN in Marmaris, Turkey. Mr. Eke and his staff did an excellent job. I would like to emphasize their friendly, highly professional, skillful, and swift handling, both in the office and on site. The entire operation took hardly two days, without any damage or mess. As I fly a Belgian ensign, it was even possible to have VAT refunded. Those who need further personal comments and recommendations should feel welcome to contact me at

Yves Geurden
SY Spitha


Dear Mr. David Royal,

If you are heading to Marmaris you may contact with Mr. Erden Eke from Marlin Marine for your gearbox maintenance. Marlin Marine is authorized servise of Quick in Marmaris I believe he will be happy to answer all your technical questions with his top level knowledge. You may reach him through his e-mail adresse which is We have the gearbox in stok just in case you may need it.

If you like to have more information about the Marlin Marine please go to;

Best regards


For reliable engine and other engineering type work use Marlin.

Owner, Erden Eke has proven to provide quality engineering and can be relied on to stand by his word.

I contracted Marlin Yachting to change my cutlass bearing. When we realized that it was not going to come out willingly, we ended up removing the shaft and the bracket that holds the cutlass.

We found that the shaft and the key way on the coupling to the gearbox was badly worn, Erden gave me a price to replace, coupling, shaft and cutlass. When all was replaced, I was concerned about the slack in the new cutlass bearing which was a brand name product that was marginally out of spec. Erden did not hesitate to swap out the cutlass bearing again (big job) at no additional cost and the second bearing of the same brand was perfect.

One can get many inexpensive deals in Turkey, but if you want quality, call MarlinYachting Ltd.: Erden Eke +90 252 412 1441 or 412 1442 Address;Sariana Mah. 27 SK Kadir Yuzak Apt No 1 Marmaris, or opposite the sports center near Netsel Marina close to Anfora.

Many others in both Yacht Marine and Netsel have used Marlin with only praise for their workmanship and reliability.

Please add your own experiences to this site.

They are the local Yanmar agents as well as being agents for Kohler, Sidepower, Harken, Veco, Hamilton, Opacmare, SeaRecovery, Centek, Glendinning, RD, Algae x, Z Spars, Velvet Drive, Michigan Wheel, Radice, Max-Prop, Dintra, Jefa Marine, Trac, Trident Marine, HyDrive, Walder, BSI, Scubar, Shearwater and they also sell charts and nautical books.

They routinely rebuild Perkins 4108s. They replace just about everything one can on the Perkins and provide a warranty. If my Perkins 4108 fails, I would certainly consider an inexpensive rebuilt replacement from Marlin, rather than re-powering with a new Yanmar and the necessary engine bed, alternator and exhaust modifications.



With my one year old Jeanneau SO33i, I have had a bitter incident last month and ended up with a fouled propeller by a 25mm mooring line. I have applied in their office in Marmaris Yacht Marina and a quick inspections revealed that the boat needs to be landed. On land, things did not reveal any better and I was face to face with the repair of a bent shaft, a bent P-bracket, a lost shaft alignment and small cracks in the p-bracket box.

The technical staff of Marlin immediately made a proper diagnosis and the repair was underway at no time. They have planned, organised, and executed all the treatment and most importantly, they hired competent technicians for the services which they cannot offer. They have always come up with logical solutions to tricky problems. Silly or smart, they answered all my questions and exerted every possible effort to satisfy my concerns. The work was successfully finished on time and the result was beyond my expectations.

It is such a shame that I have to sail back to Istanbul and probably I wont be able to have the yearly checks done by Marlin but I strongly recommend the company and the technical crew for those who seek honest, competent and timely services.

Best regards,
Mete Citir


I would like to confirm that your personal assistance and cooperation with Marlin during spring 2016 was absolutely successful.

Together with my crew we had done few kind of work as a

  • Rudder, propellers, shafts issue (specially regarding RINA request)
  • Improvement of shafts cooling line
  • ER seacocks service
  • Flaps system service
  • Kohler generators service kits delivery
  • Kohler generators start after winterizing and start up with new synchronization system

With kindest regards!

Alexander Golovko

Captain of M/Y M&M


At the recommandation of Phonix company we decided to use Marlin company (in Marmaris/Turkey) to rebuild our Perkins kk engine. The work was done extremely professionally, with great care, and on time. The work included not only the rebuild of our engine, we also had Marlin attend to our generator, our Eberspacher heater as well as the cleaning of our fuel tank. Should we ever be in need of technical/mechanical help whilst in Turkey, we are sure to make use of Marlin again.


Same words to congratulate the Team Marlin from Marmaris Yachtmarine. To be very professional and cleannes for the work made about dismantle old engine and assembly new engine Yanmar on our boat Patatoi in the period and respect price from estimate made before.

Thank you everyone.

Edith Jaquemet
Geages Barbe


Dear Emre,

Ref: Repairs to engine and anchor windlass.

While on the hard at Yachtmarine from november 2009 till April 2010, your company were contacted to flush the engine cooling system.
You offered a fixed price service to include alternator bearings and brushes, starter motor, exhaust elbow, injectors, heat exchanger and anchor windlass.
Your proximity to the boat and the professional appearance of the office and workshop together with the availability of parts and materials satisfied me that was a good idea.
The service revealed several defects which would have caused serious problems while cruising. These were dealt with efficently and with clear comminications to me in the UK.

Many thanks to you and your staff.

Ray Dennison
SY Halcyon


Dear Erden,
As captain of the M/Y Blue Lady, 26m loa, 120 tons of displacement, in the winters 2009-10 and 2010-11 I contract Marlin for important mechanical works on shaft, engines and generators. I always found a great competence from the chief engineer, maximum cooperation from the whole organization, very high helpfulness in different situations.
I highly recommend MARLIN for any kind of mechanical works.

Giorgio Cerreti


We heard the good stories about Marlin even before we reached Turkey.
The first time was from Germans in the Gulf of Patras (Greece). The second time was from a Dutch yacht at Ikaria (Greece). These two yachts also have Yanmar engines and we were looking for a good company to do some extensive servicing on ours. So, coming to Marmaris Yacht Marine in 2009, we decided to have the engine overhauled bij Marlin. They did an excellent job working on our 18 years old 3GM30F. Everything was done as planned and it was very good value for money. Our very reliable Yanmar runs much quieter en smoother than before.

In 2010 Marlin did more technical jobs on our yacht. For instance, a new Volvo (deap seal) modified for our Freedom 38. They also installed two new Delrin rings on our rudder.Actually, they did the last job as it had to be done. The Yanmar dealer in our home town did the same job before we left in 2006, their rings just fell out. All this was as quickly and professionally done as the engine.

What we like very much about Emre (the man in the office at Yacht Marine) and his team is that there is always a clear price estimate and planning and they really stick to it.

We highly recommend Marlin.

Great Shearwater en wij vertrokken in 2006 uit Nederland Na overwinteringen in Portugal, Italie en Griekenland arriveerden we in 2009 in Turkije. Voor vertrek was onze boot uitgebreid onder handen genomen, maar toch liepen we tegen flinke reparaties aan. Dat is niet ongebruikelijk leerden we van andere yachties. Onze Yanmar die al flink op leeftijd is, hield zich goed, maar we besloten dat het tijd was voor een zeer uitgebreide beurt.

Van allerlei kanten kregen we tips waar we dat het beste konden laten doen. Al in Italie hoorden we van Duitsers dat Marlin in Marmaris, Turkije een bijzonder goed adres is. Ook van anderen hoorden we dat Marlin een goede keus is. Voor we in Marmaris voor de winterstop de wal opgingen, overlegden we met de mensen van Marlin. Er kwam een overzichtelijke offerte, die voor West-Europese begrippen aan de lage kant was. De offerte ging vergezeld van een strak werkschema en de mededeling dat Marlin de volgende dag kon beginnen.

De volgende morgen kwamen twee monteurs aan boord. In no time demonteerden ze de kop, de alternator, startmotor, verstuiverunit en de zwanenhals aan het begin van de uitlaat. De onderdelen verdwenen in dozen naar de werkplaats waar alles werd schoongemaakt en doorgemeten. We werden uitgenodigd naar het kantoor te komen voor een overzicht van de kosten van onderdelen, waartegen we ja zeiden.

Een dag later kwamen de monteurs weer aan boord. Alles was schoongemaakt en opnieuw gespoten. De cilinders werden schoon gemaakt. Er was nogal wat roestvorming door de zoutinwerking. De Yanmar startte bij de eerste poging en liep alsof er een nieuwe motor was gemonteerd. Er bleek een elektrisch probleem te zijn ontstaan. Dat probleem had u niet toen u hier kwam, dus dat lossen we op was de reactie van Marlin. Dat kostte bijna drie dagen werk, maar geen kouros extra.

Door deze goed ervaring lieten we ook ander werk doen. Onze oude, lekkende boiler werd uitgebouwd. Er kwamen nieuwe Delrin-ringen rond het roer en de stuurkabels werden gespannen. Alles gebeurde binnen de afgesproken tijd en steeds royaal binnen het budget. Wij bevelen Marlin dan ook van harte aan.

Chris and Joost van Wijngaarden
SY Great Shearwater


Hi Burak

I hope that you are well? We have had a long hard season, but it is over now, thank goodness. Once again thank you for all your help when I was in Marmaris – it is much appreciated. I remember that I said I would email you some photos of M/Y No Compromise and I have not forgotten, so here they are – please let me know if you would like some more / others?

I will send another email of the boat with photos taken outside, but form the bow of the boat.

Fond regards
Justin Mccomb
M/Y No Compromise


MARLIN had done some work for us in 2012 and earlier this year. They impressed us with their totally professional approach, expertise, and care. They weren’t the cheapest in town, but there was little to argue about in relation to the quality of their work. They also happened to be the local Yanmar agents. They were highly recommended by others who had major work done. Erden Eke listened to our tale of woes, patiently. He’s a good listener. A competitive quote for the Yanmar itself came by email within a day or two, more expensive than UK or mainland Europe, but not seriously so.

Ishmail, their chief mechanic, came on board to measure up and to discuss and solve the myriad details that the project would involve. Ishmail has forgotten more about engines than I will ever learn in five lifetimes. An impressive guy. New engine beds would need to be fabricated. The second alternator, a 140 amp Presolite, a large beastie would be better NOT hanging off the engine, so a suitable modification was planned. We had been advised by others that the hardtop would have to be removed so that the engine could be lifted through the cockpit floor. “Not so” said Ismail after 30 minutes with a measure and steel rule. He wasn’t keen to lift the hardtop……too much to go wrong and to refit he said. “We can do it by taking gearbox, turbo and heat exchanger off inside Enki and we will have JUST enough room to lift out. No problem.”

A quote came through for the removal of the old engine and the installation of the Yanmar. The wording included that oft-abused phrase ….”as a turn-key operation..”

(In the end it was. Really!)

Hands were shaken, schedules discussed.

Onur always phoned ahead when anything was to happen, just to make sure.

Work began. The weather gods smiled. Not a scratch anywhere on the boat during any of this. Not a greasy handprint to be seen. Dropcloths everywhere. Diana quietly reading in the saloon. Mohammed and Mehmet are Ishmail’s lieutenants and they do themselves and Marlin great credit. Their work was fastidious, thoughtful. They double-checked themselves. Ishmail then checked again. They didn’t take easy options. I know. I watched. They welcomed suggestions and input from me. They enjoyed what they did. They cleaned up each night. As a matter of course.

This was the opportunity for me to get in the engine bay and have a thorough clean up. We had agreed on a week between removal of the old engine and the arrival of the new. This also gave me a chance to get at machinery in the engine room in some degree of comfort, and give the engine bilge several coats of bilge paint. I used International Danboline.

A sea trial took place on a perfectly clear, sunny winter’s day. The Yanmar performed like a dream. Ishmail put her through her paces throughout the rev range. He spent a lot of time in the engine room, hands on hoses and bits of engine, torch shining into nooks and crannies, asking for more revs or less, looking, listening. The shaft alignment was perfect. No vibration on the engine bearer plates or the second alternator bracket. Even at idle. He came up smiling. We were smiling too. We had a quiet fag on the aft deck and headed back to the marina.


After the excellent service and assistance you provided with our old Perkins engine in 2007 and 2013 we knew, without doubt, when the time came to replace the engine in 2015, we would make a special trip back to Turkey to have the new engine installed by Marlin Yachting.
Fitting the Yanmar 4JH5E in the narrow stern section of our Shannon 38 proved to be quite a challenge, but with the top Yanmar engineers in the whole of Turkey (and the best in the eastern Med), we had every confidence.
The Marlin team did an excellent job fitting the engine and totally renewing our engine room, cabling and exhaust system. The technicians and engineers were professional, a pleasure to work with, and very considerate of our needs while we lived aboard during the two week process.
When any questions came up, they were rapidly addressed by your engineering staff, and we are very happy with the results. The custom rear engine mounting brackets, and refrigeration compressor bracket came out perfectly.
Since the aperture in the keel would not allow for a larger propeller, the 4 bladed propeller you provided was perfectly pitched to provide the specified RPMs. We are still getting used to how fast the boat goes now, even into the wind, and wish we had done this years ago.
Despite all the changes in plans, and having to change haulout shipyards, the job was completed within the estimated period and within budget.
We highly recommend Marlin Yachting to any yachts needing major engine repairs or engine replacement.


The Very Best In Engine Services in Marmaris, Turkey

It is our pleasure to strongly recommend Erden Eke and his staff at Marlin for any engine / mechanical work. Marlin is a Yanmar authorized dealer. Erden, at all times, was professional, providing both prompt and technically competent services at reasonable prices.

On board our Hylas 54 sailboat, we have both a 125 HP Yanmar engine and a 10KW Kohler Genset. Both needed servicing. We are usually leery of allowing newly met mechanics to work on our engines. The Marlin staff quickly put us at ease as they demonstrated their technical competence. They spent additional time with us to make valuable recommendations that included additional maintenance and further improvements to our systems. Once agreed upon, we were thrilled with the quickness and quality of the work.

Marlin carries and impressive inventory of Yanmar parts (as well as other vendors), which contributes to their ability to rapidly respond to the yachtsman’s needs.

It is not often that we can pull into a new harbor and find individuals who demonstrate the professionalism we have seen at Marlin. We were so impressed that we plan to return to Marmaris, Turkey to have Marlin do a final systems check for us before we head off to the Indian Ocean.

Captains Dan and Karen Sehnal
S/Y Dakare


Marlin has worked on my catamaran for many years in Turkey. I must say that it has been a wonderful experience working with them. They have completed every job with skill and efficiency, including many difficult engine problems. Most importantly, Erden of Marlin is an absolute pleasure to work with. He answers Emails and phone calls immediately with precision and professionalism, which has allowed me to effect repairs on the boat while living outside of Turkey. I would highly reccommend Marlin without any hesitation to any boater in Turkey.

Demos Armeniades

Cat Peekaboo


We were very pleased with the prompt and excellent service provided by Marlin in 2008 and 2009.
In April 2008, we needed major repairs to our Spectra watermaker. The parts were quickly obtained from Istanbul and the repairs made in time, before our departure. Since than, the watermaker has performed flawlessly.
In November 2009, Marlin performed 1000 hr service check on our Westerbeke generator and our Yanmar engine. This required major team down on the boat, cleaning and replacing worn out parts and reassembly. The work was done quickly and very clean. The technicians were excellent and the engines are running like new.
We have been very pleased and recommend their services to all interested boat owners.

Chuck and Alison SPINNEY
SY Chali Ventures



Marlin Marine has provided excellent service on my Oyster 53 for the past 4 years. Their service technicians have performed maintenance on the Yanmar diesel, Westerbeke generator, repaired water pumps, replaced batteries and repaired mechanical winches with expert care. Their cleanliness of the repair job is first class. Their follow up testing insures a high quality repair. Marlin Marine business office is sensitive to the customer’s schedule needs and insures that the proper technical skill is applied to the maintenance job.

Overall, I would rate their operation as 5 star.

John D., owner Oyster 53


Dear Erden,

During the 4 years that Marlin Yachting Ltd have been providing maintenance support to METSUYAN IV, I have always been impressed by the speed and quality of service provided. The quality of engineering provided in house has always been to a very good standard and with their network of contacts, no job has been too difficult to find a solution for. As a charter yacht, when something goes wrong we need problems sorted as soon as they arise. Marlin have always been able to make themselves available whenever needed, sometimes at very short notice, and have got me running again every time. Willing to go the extra mile for their customers, Erden and his team have provided far more than mere engineering support, offering thoughtful advice and assistance with a wide variety of issues in times of need and of course a cheerful and positive outlook on every occasion. Erden provides the friendliest and most efficient service I have come across in Turkey.

Yours aye,
Clive Carrington-Wood
( )